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The Culture Resort of The Jiang
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::: The Culture Resort of The Jiang  
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Cihu Mausoleum
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Originally known as “Piwei,” Cihu is also known as “Dong-kou” (the “cave exit”) since it is right next to the exit of Baiji Tunnel. Jiang Jie-shi loved the sceneries here since it resembles his hometown, Fenghua. Cihu Resort was completed in 1959, and the place was renamed to “Cihu” in 1962 in the memory of Jiang’s mother Madame Wang.

This place became Cihu Mausoleum in 1975 when the late President Jiang’s remains were placed here. Situated at the north and faces south, this mausoleum is surrounded by mountains and water, and is a single-story brick house built in the style of Fujian and Zhejiang four-section compound. The round openings at the two sides lead to the side yard, and there is an air-raid shelter in the mountain located at the back of the Mausoleum.

The style of the Cihu Mausoleum can be called a perfect fusion of the brick-and-tile architecture in the Jiangsu-Zhejiang area and the Fujian-style courtyard manor. The ceremony for changing the guards attracts numerous visitors who flock here to take photographs as souvenirs of their visit.

The Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail

Cihu Tourist Information Center
This bungalow brick house next to the parking lot of Cihu Mausoleum displays photographs of Jiang Jie-shi, his calligraphy works and clothing replica. The souvenir shop right next to the Tourist Center sells souvenirs related to the two President Jiangs, and the most popular items include figurines and Mrs. Jiang’s favorite Honey Plum Cake

The Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail
The Baiji Tree-Shade Foot Trail behind Cihu was originally a restricted military zone. It was not until 1998 and only after repeated calls by the local people to promote local tourism that the military lifted the restriction. There are many beautiful tourist spots along the footpath. With fluttering butterflies and a rich ecology, this is an excellent place for outdoor excursions and mountainclimbing for the entire family. At the highest point, tourists can view faraway mountains and have a full view of Daxi.

Information: Add: No.1097, Sec. 1, Fusing Rd., Dasi Township, Taoyuan County.
Opening hour: 08:00~17:00, Cihu Mausoleum Office / Tel: 03-3883552
GPS: N24°50’23.8” E121°17’47.7”
Transportation: To get there, take NationalFreeway 3. After arriving at the Daxi Interchange, change to Taiwan Provincial Highway 3, connect to Taiwan Provincial Highway 4, go straight, and make a left turn when arriving at Puwei by following the road signs. Then connect with Taiwan Provincial Highway 7, go straight to Cihu Parking Lot, and walk to reach Cihu.
Tour Time: The tour takes about an hour.

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