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From a satellite city to new emigrants setting, from industrial manufacturing to high tech R&D centers, in these recent years with the hard work of the county government everyone has been astonished by Taoyuan’s transformation. Taoyuan County not only houses major industries, there’s leisure living filled with new forms of entertainment.

Tourism Bureau,Rep. of China(Taiwan)
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Description: Offer: Discover Taiwan, Travel Suggestions, Travel Info, Maps and so on
Taoyuan County Government English Portal
Name: Taoyuan County Government English Portal (Open New Window)
Description: Develop the existing crowded, chaotic Taoyuan County into a clean, orderly Taoyuan County; Develop Taoyuan into a real "Door of Taiwan" and a new technological and cultural metropolis in North Taiwan....
Taiwan Tour Bus
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Description: Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been carrying out the "Taiwan Tour Bus" service in cooperation with local tour operators. The various tour routes offered under this service are unified by a common commitment to high quality, standard operating procedures and unified brand image. Through the service, domes
Taoyuan County Scenic Area Administration Officec
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Description: Taoyuan County has rich natural ecology landscape and historical resources. It has been promoted as a popular travel spots.


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