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Central University
Central University
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Aromatic Books, Poetic Feel, and Romantic Atmosphere

Because of its beautiful campus and easy access, the Central University in Jhongli City has become a place for shooting many TV idol dramas. TV popularity makes the Central University a favorite place for dating among young people.

In addition to the cultural atmosphere, there are two exquisite fountains on the campus. Green trees along the lakes sway against the wind.Fallen leaves here and there give a poetic touch.Crowds of young men and women who walk on the campus create a romantic atmosphere.

If you are not in a hurry, you can, with light and happy steps and holding the hand of your loved one, spend a leisurely afternoon on the lawn near the school gate, or you can lie there and let the warm sun caress you.

Information: 300, Zhongda Road, Zhongli City, Taoyuan County
GPS: N24°58’11.7” E121°11’25.0”
Transportation: To get there, take National Freeway 1. After arriving at the Xinwu Interchange, enter Zhongli’s downtown area. Go straight to the intersection between Minzu Road and Huanxi Road, make a left turn, and then head to the intersection of Zhiguang Road and make a left turn. After passing a culvert of the Freeway, go straight for about two kilometers.

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