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Xinming Night Market
Xinming Night Market
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The Xinming Night Market in Zhongli is a well-known big night market in Taiwan composed o f several hundred stalls and stores.Its scale always imp resses and amazes the tourists.
The busiest section of the night market is along Xinming Rd from the intersection of Zhongyang W. Rd to the interse ction of Minquan Rd, which is the local people's favorite place for strolling around.
There are several well-known snack stalls in this night market, such as Xinming Papaya Milk,Huang 's Angelic Catfish, Ribao Spring Onion Pancake, Angelic Pig Trotters, and Wen's Bean Curd Pudding.

Information: Add:Beside Zhungli Hsin-min Elementary School.
GPS: N24°57’25.2” E121°12’52.6”
Transportation: By Car:
Take National Highway#1, get off at Zhungli intersection, forward to Zhungli direction, passing Minzu Road, turn to the left in the intersection of Hsinmin Road to be there.
Public transportation:
Take Yatong Motor bus #703 at Zhungli station and get off at Hsin-min Elementary School, walk straight and turn left to Hsinmin Road, walk for 100M to be there.
Parking space:Along the roadside.

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