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Beauty of Taoyuan
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* Lala Mountain Nature Protection Zone
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::: Beauty of Taoyuan  
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Lala Mountain Nature Protection Zone
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The former name of the Lala Mountain was Daguan Mountain. In 1973, a professor of Culture University discovered here a wide expanse of red cypress divine trees whose view is similar to that of the divine trees in Ali Mountain. The name of Lala Mountain has spread since then, and the mountain has attracted many tourists from various areas. In 1986, the government formally established a nature protection zone in Daguan Mountain. The scope of the nature protection zone covers the mountain areas near Balin on the Northern Cross-Island Highway.

In addition to cloud-reaching red cypress trees, the Taiwan yellow cypress trees in the zone there are also color-changing trees such as green maple trees and beech trees. In autumn when the weather turns cool, green leaves change into red, thus rendering the view even more poetic. To facilitate tourists, the forestry bureau has built a footpath for viewing landscapes. After entering the recreation zone, walk along the trail. You can see giant red cypress trees whose ages range from 500 years to 3,000 years. Among them are five giant trees about 2,800 years-old.

Red Autumn Maple Leaves in Lala Shan
Red Autumn Maple Leaves in Lala Shan
When it is mid-fall, pink, reddish purple, red and yellow trees are found. Taiwan is in a sub-tropical area and although there are fewer plants which change their colors in such a warm climate, more than 30 plants around the island do change their color, particularly in the higher mountains. Some of them are Acer serrlatum, Liquidambar formosana, Taiwan Red False cypress, Rhus trichocarpa and so on.

The maple trees that visitors tend not to recognize are Liquidambar formosana. To differentiate Liquidambar formosana and Rhus trichocarpa is that the leaves of the former have three splits, and the leaves of the latter type have five splits. Liquidambar formosana are not only suitable to be elegant shade trees but are also famous as the best material for growing mushrooms.

The Banquet of Peach and Pear For Whole Family
Lala Mountain is known for its Peach. The experience of Peach-picking that starts in the month of June, has even become a sport for the people. Besides the rich harvest of Peach, the quality and taste of blue damson plum, sweet persimmon, pear, and kiwi fruit are good. Consumers can place online orders and have fruits dispatched to them through a home delivery services.

June, July, and August are the harvest season for Peach, which is the best time for the entire family to enjoy the happiness of fruit picking. Tourists may visit various farm ranches at Shanbalin, and stay at the Shangri-la under the guidance of owners. Starting from September, pears and sweet persimmons become the main fruits at Lala Mountain. Beginning in October, tourists can enjoy the fragrant and sweet kiwi fruit. If you want to experience the joy of picking and eating fruits with your friends, you can pack them into cartons. Home delivery services are also offered at various orchards.

Information: Add: Fuxind Township, Taoyuan County
Lala Mountain Nature Protection Zone / Tel: 03-3912761
GPS: N24°42’13.7” E121°25’18.5”
Transportation: Exit Highway 2 from Da-xi interchange to Da-xi and Fu-xing. Drive 48km along Taiwan Bei-heng Provincial Road 7 to southern Ba-ling and turn onto Route 116 to northern Ba-ling. Follow the signs to the end of the road.
Tour Time: For Lala Shan maple leaves ecological guided tour and Lala Shan natural conservation area guided tour, please contact Legal Guest House Association in Taoyuan County.
Tel: 03-3912238. The whole tour takes, about 2 to 3 hours. Please ask on the phone about the cost of the tour. (Visitors have to make the reservation first.)

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