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Beauty of Taoyuan
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* Lala Mountain Nature Protection Zone
* Jiaobanshan Villa
* The Cihu Tourist Service Center
* The Daxi Old Street Trip
* Viewing Lotus Flowers at Guanyin Township
* Xinwu green tunnel
* Yongan Fishing Port
* Taoyuan County Arts Park
* Tiger Mountain Park
* Back Cihu
* Wu-Geo-Tun Mountain
* Shimen Reservoir
::: Beauty of Taoyuan  
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Jiaobanshan Villa
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The former Jiaobanshan Villa is now an activity center of the China Youth Anti-Communist National Salvation Corps. It was originally a wooden structure. Though rebuilt into a four –story building after a big fire, it still retains an historic flavor. The building was once inhabited by Chiang Kai-shek’s aides and bodyguards. Displayed in the new building are cultural relics, old photos, documents, and the daily life records of Chiang Kai-shed during his stay at Jiaobanshan.

Dozens of sculptures donated by various countries greatly help increase the artistic atmo-sphere of the park. The many thick and dense plum trees make the park look even more elegant. The mysterious “war-readiness tunnel” in the building is now open to the public. Walking through he tunnel, you can see thick bullet-proof steel gates. The totems of the aborigines on two sides of the tunnel merit close observation.


Jiaobanshan Park
Jiaobanshan is a major starting point on the Northern Cross-Island Freeway. The beautiful scenery of Dahan Creek and Shimen Dam attracts the attention of tourists. Dozens of old maple trees in the park turn into beautiful maple red in the autumn. There are also tall old pine trees. The eerily beautiful scenery is a draw for photographers. The two giant banyan trees in the park planted by Chiang Kai-shek and by Madame Chiang are a must-visit for tourists. There are stone steps below the park that lead to the shore of Dahan Creek. One can go to the Xikou Terrace on the opposite side via the suspension bridge.

With a view to increasing the artistic atmosphere of Jiaobanshan and bringing international art to Taiwan , the Taoyuan County Government invited 12 artists from Taiwan and from the United States and Europe to embark on an outdoor sculpture park in Taiwan. The works are innovative and are incorporated into the local scenery.

The Family Member Remembrance Pavilion

The Family Member Remembrance Pavilion
The scenery near the famous Family Member Remembrance Pavilion, situated beside the Jiaobanshan Villa, was considered by Chiang Kai-shek as a look-alike of his hometown in Xikou, Fenghua, in China’s Zhejiang Province. Chiang Kai-shek and his wife used to visit the area in their free time. After his death, his son Chiang Ching-kuo came to Jiaobanshan from Cihu to pay his respects. He was full of deep feeling when remembering his father at the pavilion.

The text of “Remembrance of My Father”in school textbooks was written at that time. If you are in the pavilion in the distance you will see the river terrace formed on a curve of the Dahan Creek. Looking at the mountain view in the distance, you feel refreshed.

The Xikou Terrace
The Xikou Terrace refers to the triangular terrace formed on a big curve of the river channel where the Dahan Creek flows through the southern side of Jiaobanshan, Fusing Township. The terrace has four layers. The two upper layers are terraced fields, and the two lower layers are lawns. There is a small garden on the third layer. To reach the terrace you go down the stone steps of Jiaobanshan park and walk across the Xikou Suspension Bridge. This elegant bridge, built 40 years ago, is very long and narrow. From the center of the bridge, you can view the beautiful river valley of the Dahan Creek, as well as learn about the abundant water storage capacity of the dam.

Information: Add: Jhongshan Rd., Fusing Township, Taoyuan County.
Opening hour: 08:00~17:00, Tel: 03-3821678
GPS: N24°49’07.0” E121°21’03.0”
Transportation: To reach Jiaobanshan, take National Freeway 3. After arriving at the Daxi Interchange, take Taiwan Provincial Highway 3, then Taiwan Provincial Highway 4, go straight on, and make a left turn when arriving at Puwei. Then proceed to the Taiwan Provincial Highway 7, go straight on to connect with the Northern Cross-Island Freeway, and then follow the road signs to Jiaobanshan.
Tour Time: The tour takes about an hour.

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