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Beauty of Taoyuan
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Yongan Fishing Port
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The Yongan Fishing Port at Sinwu Township, Taoyuan County, has lately become a popular tourist spot due to links with such tourist spots as bicycle lanes and lotus flower fields. As tourists can make on-the-spot selection of fresh fishing products
at the clean and orderly marine product direct sales center, and visit the famous delicious cooked food zone, a large number of people visit there on weekends.

Most of the gourmet seafood restaurants near the Yongan Fishing Port are concentrated in the cooked food area of the direct sales center.

Yongan Fishing Port
Dozens of famous seafood restaurants prepare delicious yet reasonably priced seafood dishes with freshly caught fish that are supplied directly to them from fishing boats.

Yongan Fishing Port is only two kilometers away from the Green Tunnel. It is a good place for parents and children to ride bicycles together and eat good food. It is not far to bike to each restaurant in the cooked food area where excellent seafood cuisine is offered at a reasonable price.

Information: Sinwu Township, Taoyuan County
GPS: N24°59’17.7” E121°00’53.5”
Transportation: To reach the port, please take the Taoyuan Passenger Bus Company’s bus from the Taiwan High Speed Rail’s Taoyuan Station to Guanyin, then switch to a city bus to the Yongan Fishing Port. If you drive, take National Freeway 1, then turn onto the Number 66 East-West Expressway in the direction of Guanyin. Go to the end, make a left turn onto the Number 61 West Coast Expressway, then go straight to reach the port.
Tour Time: The tour takes about three hours.

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