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Beauty of Taoyuan
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Wu-Geo-Tun Mountain
Wu-Geo-Tun Mountain
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The "Wu-Geo-Tun Mountain" (Five Barrel Mountain), which is located behind the Nan-Tian temple in Nei-Zhu village, Luzhu, is about 150 meters above sea level. Most of the mountain path is made up of its original earth and rock road. Though not very steep, the winding and tortuous trail will take 2 hours to walk, and will guarantee you sweating heavily, achieving exercise effects.

Wu-Geo-Tun Mountain

If, by chance, you are a bit lazy or not feeling well, you can still walk slowly through the scenery, or read a book at the "Nian Zu Liao", or view the scenic points like the Taiwan Strait, nature's subtle beauty or watch the planes at the Taiwan International Airport taking flight and landing. Wu-Geo-Tun Mountain contains sports, fitness, and leisure functions, and is already famous amongst hikers as an optimal mountain trail. The five ceramic wine barrels stacked at the mountain top is the Wu-Geo-Tun (Five Barrel Mountain) logo.

Transportation: If you drive, take National Highway 1. After arriving at the Nankan Interchange, head in the direction of Taiwan national airport, take Nanshang Road, and turn Lioufu Road,it is located behind the Nan-Tian temple in Nei-Zhu village, Luzhu.
Tour Time: The tour takes about two hours.

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