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Beauty of Taoyuan
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Shimen Reservoir
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Shimen Reservoir is the biggest reservoir among far eastern countries. The scenery of the lake and mountains surrounding it is poetic and spectacular all year round. It is also a good place to go on holidays. Shimen Reservoir is connected to more than ten outside tourist sites. There are bicycles tracks and lake cruises. The reservoir has many different functions such as generating power, watering agricultural plants, preventing floods, offering drinking water and sightseeing. The most popular tourist sites in the area include the dam, spillway, Plum Blossom Garden, Dais, lake cruise wharf, Xi-zhou Park, Qi-lin Park, Qie-donglin Park, Luan-shu-lin Park, Five Color Fountain, and so on. Shimen reservoir is also a good place to watch the maple leaves. In winter, people are able to see the golden maple leaves everywhere. The plum blossoms are always beautiful as well. The white blossoms always catch people's eyes. By the time spring comes, the peach blossoms, cherry blossoms and azaleas seem like they are having a beauty contest. Their beauty is appealing. Whenever the rainy season comes, the spectacular view of floodwater being released always attracts many visitors.

Shi-men Reservoir bicycle track

Shi-men Reservoir bicycle track
Shimen Reservoir bicycle track is a 3 kilometer long, private track surrounding the back pond of Shimen reservoir. Enter the bicycle track from the Da-ping Toll Station in the reservoir, and you can find signs on the ground along the tracks to the back pond. Since the track surrounds a lake with splendid scenery, it often impresses people with the image of green mountains and the soft breezes.

There are bicycle rental shops by the reservoir. Tourists can rent bicycles there. If you want to take a good look at the scenery around the reservoir, it is suggested to go up the hill to the lakeside highway. The beautiful mountain and lake scenes are enjoyable to see. The dam, the octagonal pavilion, and the maple paths are even more appealing during the fall and winter seasons. Seeing the golden leaves gently falling down from the trees is absolutely beautiful.

Shimen Fresh Fish

Shimen Mountain
About 550 meters in height, from the mountain to the west of Shimen Daba you can survey the beauty of the Reservoir, street views of Longtan and Daxi. Its convenient tracks are mountain climbers' favorites and popular trekking routes.

Shimen Fresh Fish
Jiaan W. Rd., Shiyifen, Longtan, after the completion of Shimen Reservoir, has become famous due to fresh fish in the Reservoir and excellent chefs in various restaurants that are exclusive to Taoyuan.

Information: Longtan Township, Taoyuan County
Opening hour: 11/01/2008 ~ 04/30/2009 08:00~17:00
Shimen reservoir administrative center / Tel: 0800-200233
I Shan cabinet service center / Tel: 03-4712104#168
Huan cui building / Tel: 03-4712000#101
Tourist bus NT$300、Small Vehicle NT$80、Motorcycle NT$30
GPS: N24°48’42.6” E121°14’49.6”
Transportation: Take National Expressway No.3 to the Daxi Interchange. Change to Provincial Highway No. 3 and pass the Wu-lin Bridge.
Tour Time: Suggested visiting time is one hour.

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